I help food businesses and chefs by writing and developing original recipes and making their food honest and delicious.

I work on a huge range of projects, from writing vegetarian cookbooks to developing recipes for brands to use on their websites and Instagram pages. I've also spent time cooking and styling shoots for cookbooks, national newspapers and food websites. I have worked on recipe development for Anna Jones' best-selling 'The Modern Cook's Year' (OFM Best Cookbook 2018), as well as The Higgidy Veggie Cookbook (2019) alongside developing original recipes for Whole Earth and Halen Mon centred around their products. I have also worked behind the scenes with restaurants and cafes to update their vegetable-centred offerings.

Cooking with what's in season and creating original, creative recipes is what inspires me the most.

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Anna Shepherd

Photo: Emli Bendixen 

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